Weekly Gratitudes

New conversations, reconnecting with friends, people who can make you feel like the most important person on the planet, people who accept, planning for an event, openness, Netflix, Netflix, Netflix, inspiration (finally!!), and my parents. Oh man, my parents are great.


Weekly Gratitudes

Friends who I can trust and will always be there for me, people that are slowly growing more and more dear to me, cosplay parties, new cosplays, musical rehearsals, funny jokes, open mic, photography, photo editing, digital art tutorials, cats, RolePlays, and A.

Here’s A Little Help

  I felt like I should write a post about this right now for everyone, including myself, who may need to hear this.

  I know that sometimes life can seem rough. I know that sometimes it seems like nobody understands. Sometimes people really, truly don’t understand at all. Some people seem to take joy in bringing us down. Whether people mean it or not, there are always people out there who will end up bringing us down. There will always be that comment that shows up, stinging you and hanging in the air, ruining everything. There will always be a moment in life that you wish to forget, or you wish were different. It could last 5 seconds or 5 years. There will always be something that you struggle with. Something that you may be able to move past some days, and some days… Some days you will have struggles that seem impossible to face. They will haunt you. They will crush you. Whatever this struggle is, there are days where you just want to back down and let it take over.


  Don’t let it.

  Please, please, do not let it. 

  You can take a stand. I know it’s hard. Oh, it is so hard. But you can fight it. I know you can. I believe in you. And while it is hard, once you do it… It’s amazing. 

  I can’t tell you that it will be quick. Some struggles take years to conquer. But if you don’t work at it, it won’t go away. 

  Things get better. I know that sounds cheesy, but they do eventually. And you get stronger. So even if things still aren’t perfect, you know how to deal with it. 

  Sometimes it’s stupid, close-minded people that bring us down. Sometimes we can all be a little stupid and ignorant. But that’s okay. We’re all human and make mistakes. We all find a way to fix it in the end. 

  But somewhere, among the stupid, ignorant people… There’s someone who cares. It could be a friend. A family member. Someone who is rooting you on from afar, who sees you as a role model. Someone out there cares. Maybe you just haven’t met them yet, or they can’t tell you right now. But believe me. There’s someone out there worth moving on for. 

  Maybe it’s yourself.


  You can make it.

  You can fight it.





I believe in you. 

Weekly Gratitudes

Thoughtful, in-depth conversations, friends who help, people I can call family, watching romance bloom, rainbow cheesecake, food in general, dancing, comfy Converse shoes, beautiful weather, my parents, animes that touch my heart, beautiful cosplay music videos, friends who make me laugh, inspirational speeches, role models, finding my reincarnated twin, and catching up with good friends.

Here’s a Quick Lesson

  One thing that I’ve noticed more and more is how people think that ‘Gender’ and ‘Sex’ are the same thing and use them interchangeably. But they are not. They are actually quite different when you hear the definitions:


 SEX: “Sex is what’s between your legs.” Your sex is just the body parts you have, which are determined by chromosomes. Society gives only two different labels for sex, which are Male and Female. Sex should not be confused with gender.

 GENDER: “Gender is what’s between your ears.” To go more in depth, gender is what you feel you truly are. Society says that there are only two genders, which are Male and Female, but in reality, there are many, many more. Some have labels, some do not. Gender should not be confused with sex.


  For extra clarification, your sex absolutely does NOT define your gender. Your sex may have been declared female, but your gender may be male. Or your sex may have been declared male, but your gender is female. Or maybe your gender is both male and female. Or neither. Or something else completely. Or maybe your sex and gender match up completely. There are so many options out there. Your gender really could be anything. Don’t let your sex, or anybody else, tell you who you are on the inside.
  Another thing that I’ve been learning more and more about recently is the difference between GENDER IDENTITY and GENDER EXPRESSION. Here are some more, straightforward definitions to help you out:


  GENDER IDENTITY: Like above, your Gender Identity is what you feel you are on the inside. It has nothing to do with your sex. Nobody can tell you what your gender is.   
GENDER EXPRESSION: Your Gender Expression can be quite different from your Gender Identity. Your gender expression may be male, but maybe your gender expression is something more feminine. This does not make you less of a male than one who wears more masculine clothes. This is just a quick example that most people can relate to. The main point of Gender Expression is how you present yourself. It does not have to match your Gender Identity. Or it can. It’s all on how you like to present yourself.


  There are plenty of people out there who have matching Gender Identities and Expressions. There are also plenty of people who have Gender Identities and Expressions that don’t match. Both of these are absolutely okay. And just like with gender, nobody can tell you what your Gender Expression is. The way you style your hair, wear your clothes, talk, and carry yourself is your choice. Don’t let anybody ever tell you how your supposed to act depending on your gender. Only you know what you want and what’s best for you. 

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Weekly Gratitudes

True feelings, rehearsals, help from friends, sweet stories that make me grin, love from people I look up to, nice words, great opportunities, a Mother beyond compare, a loving family, appreciating people, the inspiration to sketch again, and helping grandparents.

Weekly Gratitudes (A Little Late)

Leftover Pocky, old friends, new friends who understand and support, people who are there to back me up, sweet stories that make me squee, being able to express myself, enjoying more time on a stage, cons, RPs, personal achievements, funny conversations, compliments, and people who don’t pressure me when I disappoint them.

Daily Prompt: Blogger With a Cause



If your day to day responsibilities were taken care of and you could throw yourself completely behind a cause, what would it be?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us HELP.


  What would my cause be?

  For me, the very first thing to pop into my head is to try to end silence. Try to put an end to hiding who you are, just to fit in. I want to help people be happy about who they are and what, or who they love. I want to help them feel comfortable dressing, acting, walking, talking, and living the way they are. I want to help them treat other people the way they want to be treated.

  I want to try and help people love themselves. I want to help people not feel so bad about themselves and how they look, or what other people think of them. I don’t want them to constantly beat themselves up because of who they are.

  Maybe you’re reading this right now and you don’t feel happy with yourself. Maybe you don’t like the way you look, or the person you are. Maybe you hate everything about you. Or just a few things. Something might be making you unhappy and is bringing you down.

 You know what, though?

You are beautiful.

You are handsome.

You deserve love.

You deserve kindness.

You are not a freak.

You are not unnatural.

You do not deserve hurt.

You do not deserve pain.

You are a wonderful human being.

You are YOU.

Do not be afraid of whoever you are.

And lastly…

You are not alone.

Oh, you are never, ever alone.