Break For The Holidays

This holiday season is pretty hectic for me and I’m busy with trying to see people, going to events, and making gifts (I don’t buy any gifts.) The gift making takes up the most time, and I’ve been procrastinating too much. This means that some gifts may be late, which I hate. To prevent this […]

(Late) Weekly Gratitudes

Early Christmas presents, inspirational bravery, understanding from good friends, positive responses, cute conversations, funny conversations, being truly loved and understood for who I am, support, music, laughter, love, and life. 

Transgender Day Of Remembrance Today on November 20th, 2013, people all over are taking time to remember those who have lost their lives due to the fact that they are transgendered. For me, this includes anybody under the transgender umbrella term. This day for me is a day to remember anybody who has lost their life due to the […]

Weekly Gratitudes

Meeting new people, seeing old friends, lots of laughing, cosplay, dancing, crab walking, dark music, romance, acceptance, having people take our friendship to a higher level of trust, and videos opening my eyes to things I have never thought about before.

Weekly Gratitudes

A wonderful group of people who I will miss very, very dearly, old friends who make me cry from joy when I see them, a little burst of romance, cooler weather, nice little moments of laughter, running into a friend and laughing enough to where there were worries about being kicked out of the library […]

Weekly Gratitudes (Late, I Know)

Theater, catching up with old friends, Roleplaying, friends who are always there, sweet words, so many sweet words, Netflix, Supernatural, headphones, some fast food on occasion, the Vegan food when I need it, that hug when I needed it, my parents who are so helpful, and people I can trust. 

Gender Expression vs. Gender Identity and Gender Neutrality in Life

A while back I wrote a post on the difference between gender and sex ( and how we reflect that with our appearance. I thought I would talk a little bit more about gender and how it affects some people daily, not just in their appearance, but in how the world sees them and tells […]

Weekly Gratitudes (Day Late)

Art. Oh goodness art plays a huge part in my life, I could not live without it!  Wonderful friends who are so open to anything. Theater. A wonderful director. A beautiful and talented cast. Photography, movie makeup, and a wonderful editing program. My mother. Holy cow, she’s amazing. My father. Holy shiz, he’s great, too. […]