Transgender Day Of Remembrance

Today on November 20th, 2013, people all over are taking time to remember those who have lost their lives due to the fact that they are transgendered. For me, this includes anybody under the transgender umbrella term. This day for me is a day to remember anybody who has lost their life due to the fact that people couldn’t accept the fact that they are not ‘normal’, gender/sex-wise.

  This day is important to me in many ways. I have plenty of friends who are transitioning, or know that they will transition. I also have a lot of friends who just don’t fit the gender binary and express themselves in ways differently than other people. These people have all faced some sort of hurt, pain, discrimination, disapproval, or bullying. Simply because they are different. Some of them have been tempted to take their lives.

People who do not fit the gender binary can go through a lot of hurt in their lives. Whether it’s directly at them or side remarks from people passing by. People can be hurtful to others who are different. But not everyone is a jerk. Some people are out their to help.

If you or someone you know is going through a crisis, thinking about suicide, or just need someone to talk to without judgment, please call The Trevor Project. Their phones are open 24/7. That means even during holidays and in the middle of the night. Once you call, you will be connected with a trained, volunteer counselor who can talk to you.

Just because you are different does not mean you should be hurt or taken away from us. For help and support, check out these links from The Trevor Project:

TrevorLifeline: 866-488-7386

TrevorChat :


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