Weekly Gratitudes (Late, I Know)

Theater, catching up with old friends, Roleplaying, friends who are always there, sweet words, so many sweet words, Netflix, Supernatural, headphones, some fast food on occasion, the Vegan food when I need it, that hug when I needed it, my parents who are so helpful, and people I can trust.  Advertisements

Gender Expression vs. Gender Identity and Gender Neutrality in Life

A while back I wrote a post on the difference between gender and sex (http://wp.me/p3MQ1v-2s) and how we reflect that with our appearance. I thought I would talk a little bit more about gender and how it affects some people daily, not just in their appearance, but in how the world sees them and tells […]

Weekly Gratitudes (Day Late)

Art. Oh goodness art plays a huge part in my life, I could not live without it!  Wonderful friends who are so open to anything. Theater. A wonderful director. A beautiful and talented cast. Photography, movie makeup, and a wonderful editing program. My mother. Holy cow, she’s amazing. My father. Holy shiz, he’s great, too. […]

Weekly Gratitudes

New conversations, reconnecting with friends, people who can make you feel like the most important person on the planet, people who accept, planning for an event, openness, Netflix, Netflix, Netflix, inspiration (finally!!), and my parents. Oh man, my parents are great.

Weekly Gratitudes

Friends who I can trust and will always be there for me, people that are slowly growing more and more dear to me, cosplay parties, new cosplays, musical rehearsals, funny jokes, open mic, photography, photo editing, digital art tutorials, cats, RolePlays, and A.