Here’s a Quick Lesson

  One thing that I’ve noticed more and more is how people think that ‘Gender’ and ‘Sex’ are the same thing and use them interchangeably. But they are not. They are actually quite different when you hear the definitions:


 SEX: “Sex is what’s between your legs.” Your sex is just the body parts you have, which are determined by chromosomes. Society gives only two different labels for sex, which are Male and Female. Sex should not be confused with gender.

 GENDER: “Gender is what’s between your ears.” To go more in depth, gender is what you feel you truly are. Society says that there are only two genders, which are Male and Female, but in reality, there are many, many more. Some have labels, some do not. Gender should not be confused with sex.


  For extra clarification, your sex absolutely does NOT define your gender. Your sex may have been declared female, but your gender may be male. Or your sex may have been declared male, but your gender is female. Or maybe your gender is both male and female. Or neither. Or something else completely. Or maybe your sex and gender match up completely. There are so many options out there. Your gender really could be anything. Don’t let your sex, or anybody else, tell you who you are on the inside.
  Another thing that I’ve been learning more and more about recently is the difference between GENDER IDENTITY and GENDER EXPRESSION. Here are some more, straightforward definitions to help you out:


  GENDER IDENTITY: Like above, your Gender Identity is what you feel you are on the inside. It has nothing to do with your sex. Nobody can tell you what your gender is.   
GENDER EXPRESSION: Your Gender Expression can be quite different from your Gender Identity. Your gender expression may be male, but maybe your gender expression is something more feminine. This does not make you less of a male than one who wears more masculine clothes. This is just a quick example that most people can relate to. The main point of Gender Expression is how you present yourself. It does not have to match your Gender Identity. Or it can. It’s all on how you like to present yourself.


  There are plenty of people out there who have matching Gender Identities and Expressions. There are also plenty of people who have Gender Identities and Expressions that don’t match. Both of these are absolutely okay. And just like with gender, nobody can tell you what your Gender Expression is. The way you style your hair, wear your clothes, talk, and carry yourself is your choice. Don’t let anybody ever tell you how your supposed to act depending on your gender. Only you know what you want and what’s best for you. 

Carry on.


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