Being Polite

I recently got back from a week-long event. It was loads of fun, I got to know lots of people and make new friends, I learned a lot of great things, I also got to showcase my talents and be myself with no judging. One thing that really stuck with me though were the comments I got about how polite and well mannered I was. I would constantly have a friend tell me, “You’re so nice and you always do all the hard work nobody else wants to do.”

Well, on the topic of hard work, to me, it was never very hard. In fact, I enjoyed some of it. But that may just be my OCD talking.

As for being really nice and polite, that just comes to me naturally. Sure, around my family I may let it slip. (I’m never a jerk, though.) But a lot of what I did at the event came to me without much thought. It felt normal to me, so I was a bit surprised that it stuck out enough for others to feel like they need to point it out. I thought a lot of people were like this, at least, my closest friends are pretty polite and considerate. And I’m a bit of a perfectionist sometimes, so that may be part of it.

I don’t know. When I really put my mind to being polite, I start using ‘may I’s instead of, ‘can I’s and things like that. But normally, I say all my please and thank you’s without even thinking about it. If I really appreciate something, a ‘thank you very much’ comes out without much thought. It’s so normal for me, it shocked me a bit that it isn’t for others. It’s not like I think this is a terrible act and that we should fix it immediately, but it certainly is something to think about. How often do you say please and thank you? Do you take the time to think of others, pitch in, or praise their good work? I think this is something we should think about every now and then. People do look for these things in others. Obviously a bad attitude drives others away, but an attitude that’s nicer than normal can bring even more people closer to you.

Just some thoughts.


One thought on “Being Polite

  1. You might be surprised how often manners are forgotten. Sometimes it’s because they weren’t enforced at home (which makes them come naturally later in life), and sometimes it’s just a lack of caring.

    As one of those who’s number (that age thing) is much greater than yours, I appreciate manners, and will tell you a little secret. People love people with manners. They are much more at ease with a person with manners. They are likely to be much more forgiving, whether it’s a policemen stopping you for speeding, or a boss who didn’t like the work you did. The returned respect you’ll get and the manner in which they will approach, you solely because you have manners, is totally different than someone who doesn’t. It’s a life lesson that when learned young will serve you well!!!

    Good job on being one of those where it’s second nature. You’ll find life will be much easier.


    PS…we all act a bit different around family 😉

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