Insert Stereotypical First Post Title Here

 Mad Hatter's Tea Party 

Hello, and welcome all to my blog, Alice’s Adventures in Reality. I would like to try and start this off by saying what I plan to write about, but knowing me, I’ll probably forget what I said in this first post, or completely ignore it, and write about whatever enters my my mind. Which could be anything. But don’t worry, we should all have an enjoyable time here.

  So, what exactly should I talk about?
Maybe the reason why I decided to start blogging. I was inspired to start a blog when I saw one I had a few years ago. I had forgotten about it, and when I looked it up again, it made me remember how much fun I had with it. But I also decided that it would be best for me, if I decided to start blogging again, to make an entirely new blog to fit who I am now. I have a different writing style than I used to have, my thinking process is different, so it’s a good, fresh start.

 What inspired my blog name? I really like the story Alice in Wonderland and a few of the spin-offs, so I knew that I wanted to somehow incorporate it in my blog. I had a few name ideas for the blog, but all of them were taken. So while this one is kind of long, it is unique name that fits what I like. Hopefully it’s not a pain to type out. 

  I suppose I could tell you a little bit about myself as well. I go by the name Alice on here, my age is a number, I am a human, I like photography, cosplaying, and being myself. Oh, and as a side job, I’m Batman’s double.

Who am I kidding, I could never pass as Batman.


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